Is It Just Me?

In the South, have you ever noticed how many white GMC SUVs (or aesthetically similar cars) there are everywhere? Especially the ones with Razorback stickers on them and some specialized license plate, zipping down the freeway at 85+mph. The sight of these vehicles incite a violent, blinding rage with in me. Just today, I saw […]

When Things Are Fucky: An Open Letter to All

I’m kind of in a weird, neutral stasis. I’m inspecting everything, and in one hell of an information-gathering phase. The psychologist in me knows I must gather data, research, and more information from as many sources and situations as possible before I can decipher what’s next. So much is about to change, and it’s a […]

Wild Nights and My Age Reminded

Is it weird that I get more pissy when someone insults my best friend, the man I love, than when they *try* to insult me? Like I expect the attempts at insulting me (nothing unusual there, just shrug and move on), but I reach a new level of disgust when someone lashes out at him. […]

Catching Up on 30 Days of Pride Part Deux!

14. Tag your #InstaCrush. Share a picture of them! Always my music man. Alwaysalwaysalways. 15. Name a company that is a positive force in the LGBTQ+ community. Man there’s a lot coming up lately. Probably Starbucks though? Been pretty happy with them lately. 16. Name your best quality. Physically? I like my butt. And my […]

Things I’m Thinking Lately

I feel immensely alone. A chasm. A void. Nothing is good. It’s all gone. I want to wake up from the nightmare. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to dream. All the color is gone. The world is gray scale. I forget what’s happened, then I remember. I […]

13 of 30 Days of Pride

Still keeping up with the 30 Days of Pride challenge for pride month. 13. Are you religious? Why or why not? I’m spiritual for sure. I actually did a post on some of my beliefs and spirituality a while back:┬áComing Out (In a Different Way) So there’s that.

Catching Up to 30 Days of Pride

I’m not one to use the word “pride” so often, since I tend to find a sinister touch to its meaning. However, when it concerns the word associated with the movement, the world with which I strongly form, I’ll use it as often as ever. I recently noticed my fellow LGBTQ+ people doing a daily […]