When Things Are Fucky: An Open Letter to All

I’m kind of in a weird, neutral stasis. I’m inspecting everything, and in one hell of an information-gathering phase. The psychologist in me knows I must gather data, research, and more information from as many sources and situations as possible before I can decipher what’s next. So much is about to change, and it’s a […]

Wild Nights and My Age Reminded

Is it weird that I get more pissy when someone insults my best friend, the man I love, than when they *try* to insult me? Like I expect the attempts at insulting me (nothing unusual there, just shrug and move on), but I reach a new level of disgust when someone lashes out at him. […]

Catching Up on 30 Days of Pride Part Deux!

14. Tag your #InstaCrush. Share a picture of them! Always my music man. Alwaysalwaysalways. 15. Name a company that is a positive force in the LGBTQ+ community. Man there’s a lot coming up lately. Probably Starbucks though? Been pretty happy with them lately. 16. Name your best quality. Physically? I like my butt. And my […]

Things I’m Thinking Lately

I feel immensely alone. A chasm. A void. Nothing is good. It’s all gone. I want to wake up from the nightmare. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to dream. All the color is gone. The world is gray scale. I forget what’s happened, then I remember. I […]

13 of 30 Days of Pride

Still keeping up with the 30 Days of Pride challenge for pride month. 13. Are you religious? Why or why not? I’m spiritual for sure. I actually did a post on some of my beliefs and spirituality a while back:┬áComing Out (In a Different Way) So there’s that.

Catching Up to 30 Days of Pride

I’m not one to use the word “pride” so often, since I tend to find a sinister touch to its meaning. However, when it concerns the word associated with the movement, the world with which I strongly form, I’ll use it as often as ever. I recently noticed my fellow LGBTQ+ people doing a daily […]

Inventing Vocabulary

Ass garbage. I created this today. And I don’t mean excrement, although I did create that, too. (I’ve been a productive young lady today) “Ass garbage” is a term I used when referring to my intense bladder infection pain: “I feel like straight ass garbage.” It can be somewhat related to booty produce, since I […]