Things Are Bad, But…

Between the ultra-conservative, slightly antisemitic internship failure, the fact that I’ve had 1$ since late April and will continue to have 1$ until another couple weeks, the pissing blood, the semi-paralyzed intestines, the puking, the infections, the possible cancer (who knew it takes forever and a half-day to figure that one out?), the intense pain […]

To All the “Not All Men”

Men.   Listen to women.   No no, shh, don’t interrupt me.   Hush. Don’t try to speak for me. In fact, how dare you speak on our behalves.   Just listen. Really listen, comprehend, understand.   Try to make an effort.   No… No “try.”   MAKE AN EFFORT.   Do it.   Now. […]

“Bitchpolar” Moves on Up

Hey guys! Despite my last blog post, things are actually genuinely good. You haven’t heard from me as often this year because I’ve been working on a fuck-ton of projects, in and out of school/work. Soon, Bitchpolar will become a vlog series, with guests and all! I’ll maintain my new vlog series through YouTube, but […]


I’m putting on my makeup. I’m trying not to cry. I broke my heart… I do that a lot. I’m really good at it. Almost as good as I am at putting myself back together. Practice indeed makes perfect. It starts with pain no amount of ibuprofen can tackle. First, the chest caves in, then […]

Not Here for You

What the fuck? I’m not going to sit here and feel fucking sorry for myself. That’s not who I am. That’s not what I worked for all my life. I’m not here as a background feature to your life. Hell, I’m not here as a main feature to your life, just to my own. I’m […]

Wait for It

I would shove my hand so far down my own throat just to retch out every bit of sadness inside me, if I knew it would help. I would bash my temple against the corner of the dresser repeatedly to render myself dumb with every bit of darkness blotted out, if I knew it would […]

Things I Like About Myself Part II

The way I emphasize the “ck” part of “get the fuck out,” “go fuck yourself,” and “fuckboy.” My hair. Usually. 90% of the time. My different styles and outfits. So my wardrobe in general. My lips. My “crazy chick” moon eyes and heavy lids. How I narrate everything I experience in my head as though […]