Things I’m Thinking Lately

I feel immensely alone. A chasm. A void. Nothing is good. It’s all gone. I want to wake up from the nightmare. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to dream. All the color is gone. The world is gray scale. I forget what’s happened, then I remember. I […]

13 of 30 Days of Pride

Still keeping up with the 30 Days of Pride challenge for pride month. 13. Are you religious? Why or why not? I’m spiritual for sure. I actually did a post on some of my beliefs and spirituality a while back: Coming Out (In a Different Way) So there’s that.

Catching Up to 30 Days of Pride

I’m not one to use the word “pride” so often, since I tend to find a sinister touch to its meaning. However, when it concerns the word associated with the movement, the world with which I strongly form, I’ll use it as often as ever. I recently noticed my fellow LGBTQ+ people doing a daily […]

Inventing Vocabulary

Ass garbage. I created this today. And I don’t mean excrement, although I did create that, too. (I’ve been a productive young lady today) “Ass garbage” is a term I used when referring to my intense bladder infection pain: “I feel like straight ass garbage.” It can be somewhat related to booty produce, since I […]

Things Are Bad, But…

Between the ultra-conservative, slightly antisemitic internship failure, the fact that I’ve had 1$ since late April and will continue to have 1$ until another couple weeks, the pissing blood, the semi-paralyzed intestines, the puking, the infections, the possible cancer (who knew it takes forever and a half-day to figure that one out?), the intense pain […]

To All the “Not All Men”

Men.   Listen to women.   No no, shh, don’t interrupt me.   Hush. Don’t try to speak for me. In fact, how dare you speak on our behalves.   Just listen. Really listen, comprehend, understand.   Try to make an effort.   No… No “try.”   MAKE AN EFFORT.   Do it.   Now. […]

“Bitchpolar” Moves on Up

Hey guys! Despite my last blog post, things are actually genuinely good. You haven’t heard from me as often this year because I’ve been working on a fuck-ton of projects, in and out of school/work. Soon, Bitchpolar will become a vlog series, with guests and all! I’ll maintain my new vlog series through YouTube, but […]