Coming Back

I thought perhaps I was reaching a point when it was time to say goodbye to this blog. It was meant for me to scream/cry/laugh into the void at anytime. It was my first step into cognitive behavior therapy. I did a lot of healing and transforming through this blog. I’m not walking away from […]

It’s a Hard Block Life

To a post I saw today (only one of TONS I’ve seen over the past few years): Why are the words “childish,” “dramatic,” and “crybaby” applied to people who block others on their social media? The person doing the blocking (the blocker, if you will) is making decisions for themselves, for their lives, on their […]

Stop It

That feeling that just washed over me, the one in my chest that fractures out like poison, that was the worst pain I ever experienced. I don’t think this is love anymore. I don’t think I could stand to be touched anymore. It used to be the most beautiful thing to be touched by you. […]

What No One Told Me (Until After the Fact)

The hardest things I’ve ever had to get over (and still get over) are the things no one really told me about. These things, these moments of hell on Earth, I was not prepared for because no one mentioned them to me until after the fact, or were just as lost as I am. These […]

What Means the Most

I love my cat, I love my dog. I love when we’re all at peace, receiving quiet. I like my ukulele, and I meditate while playing it. I love my partner; we are a team. I want the now to reflect my future’s hopes. I expect nothing. I have no spectacular feats. I am not […]