“Bitches” Get Things Done.

(This is the old one but I’m keeping it:) This is under construction until further notice. Just move along about your busy days, bustle away to your morning coffee spots and lunch traffic, and pretend you’re hearing gruffy construction men wolf-whistling at you. Or gruffy women, we don’t discriminate gender at this work site.

(New one:) If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll come right out and tell you what’s up with this section. I’m probably never going to do it. Look, I did an about me somewhere, put some effort into that one I think, so now I have no interest in doing this one. I’m a rant-humor blog posting about my bipolar outlooks on life and those around me.

There, that’s as close to an “About Me” as you’re going to get. You want to know about me, then just read my blogs.

I love you all.

Except you… I don’t like you.


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