Catching Up on 30 Days of Pride Part Deux!

14. Tag your #InstaCrush. Share a picture of them!

Always my music man. Alwaysalwaysalways.

15. Name a company that is a positive force in the LGBTQ+ community.

Man there’s a lot coming up lately. Probably Starbucks though? Been pretty happy with them lately.

16. Name your best quality.

Physically? I like my butt. And my boobs. And my face. And stuff.
Personality-wise? My sense of humor. I crack myself up.

17. Share something you’d like to improve about yourself.

I’d like to regain control of my mental health issues, and to improve it more.

18. Name someone you know who inspires you and share why.

My boyfriend. Although I already wanted to improve myself and love to keep bettering myself in certain target areas, he encourages me to keep it up.

19. Share your favorite memory.

There’s a lot. Come on now.

I don’t know if this is my favorite memory, but it’s one of them and it’s a recent one.
Someone I love very much, who genuinely loves me back, and I were celebrating Halloween. I asked him why he was so good, as he was being so good to me. He told me, “Because you deserve it.”

I had never heard someone say that to me before my entire life. I didn’t think I needed to hear something like that. I often choose things for myself because I know I deserve it. But hearing someone else say it was phenomenal.

20. Share something you love about your significant other – or – how you’re making the most of being single.

He loves me. I mean, he actually loves me. Like unconditionally. It’s crazy. It’s terrifying. It’s overwhelming. It’s wonderful.

21. How did you meet the last person you had feelings for?

At a Halloween party two years ago. Perfect, since that’s my favorite holiday.

22. Share a picture of you and your best friend!

I wanted to share one of me and good ol’ Hman, but we have no pictures together. So. Need to change that.

So here’s one of me and my other best friend.


23. Share a picture of you and your family or friends.

I’ll share this one of my friends and me, my son and daughter, and my son and super goodest friend in Times Square.

24. Share your greatest achievement.

Fuck… I don’t know. You asking a lot of deep questions.

25. Take a selfie – you are beautiful!

I’ll share one from my Instagram, @stellarmanx.

26. Share who in the LGBTQ+ community (past or present) inspires you. Why?

Amanda Fucking Palmer.

Go look her up and you’ll know why. Or just read any of my blogs about her and you’ll know.

27. Treat yourself today, and share a picture of it!

Hmm… I’ll share my treat from yesterday!


Bubblegum ice cream, bitches.

28. Share how YOU are going to change the world.

I hope to share knowledge of little-known places, people, and their cultures with as large of an audience as possible through documentary journalism. I also want to promote representation of minorities through characters in my books, and normalize the wide spectrum of sexualities and genders through these books.

29. What do you love most about yourself?

I’m surprisingly resilient, even when I truly don’t believe I can keep up.

30. (Gonna go ahead and do this one) Why are you PROUD to be LGBTQ+?

Because it’s who I am. Simple as that. Proud isn’t even the word, it’s just me, and I don’t see the logic in denying it or pretending I’m anything else.


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