Things Are Bad, But…

Between the ultra-conservative, slightly antisemitic internship failure, the fact that I’ve had 1$ since late April and will continue to have 1$ until another couple weeks, the pissing blood, the semi-paralyzed intestines, the puking, the infections, the possible cancer (who knew it takes forever and a half-day to figure that one out?), the intense pain spikes and sporadic dizziness, the broken down car….
Life is pretty dang great.
No sarcasm.
It’s just a toughie, but still a lot of perks.
My boyfriend is kind and helpful, even when I refuse to ask.
I have a house to live in, something I haven’t always had throughout college.
I have many job possibilities and offers well within my reach.
I have food to get me by, and with the babe’s help, good food too.
I have the most beautiful dog.
She checks on me constantly, even now as I write this. 
I have good grades, great classes, and the most amazing professors.
My mental health is still miles better than it used to be.
I’m doing work that I love with motivated people who love it too.
All of my favorite shows have come out with new seasons this year, the best yet to come (Game of Thrones).
And thanks to this degree, I’ve been writing more than ever now.
Things suck sometimes, I complain, I rant, I bitch for a day or more, but…
I’m good. Things could be worse. Things have been worse. It doesn’t negate the current badness, but I do take comfort in the pleasures and greatness that I also currently experience.
Thank you.

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