To All the “Not All Men”

Listen to women.
No no, shh, don’t interrupt me.
Don’t try to speak for me.
In fact, how dare you speak on our behalves.
Just listen. Really listen, comprehend, understand.
Try to make an effort.
No… No “try.”
Do it.
Hear us.
What one man decides to do to a woman, to another human being, does not mean it marks you somehow.
His atrocity doesn’t dirty you up any.
So don’t defend him.
Don’t chalk it up to lies and “women’s hysterics.”
Don’t you dare even think the sentence “she’s exaggerating.”
If you do that, then his actions do mark you.
Instead, separate yourself.
Cut away from him.
If you want to make the statement “not all men,”
Then don’t defend ALL men.
Don’t be those men.
When you listen to us, when you believe our honesty, our pleas, when you stand with us, when you help us, when you give a shit, when you MAKE AN EFFORT,
Without saying the words, we hear that statement, “not all men.”
It finally fucking rings true.
But simply crying that shit like “wolf!” and running arms wide open into the wolf you refuse to see…
… You are all the men who happily work to ruin us.
And we stop believing “not all men” pretty fucking quickly.

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