Things I Like About Myself Part II

The way I emphasize the “ck” part of “get the fuck out,” “go fuck yourself,” and “fuckboy.”

My hair. Usually. 90% of the time.

My different styles and outfits. So my wardrobe in general.

My lips.

My “crazy chick” moon eyes and heavy lids.

How I narrate everything I experience in my head as though I’m writing it out for a book… Which I probably am.

How I pick flowers when I walk my dog.

The fact that I talk to my dog and plan activities with her.

My photography, although I want to improve greatly and enjoy practicing often.

My writing, although I strive to improve that constantly as well.

Most of my daily choices.

My job, to an extent, but I do love aspects of it.

My current schooling.

The fact that I can compliment myself, promote self-love, and conquer the unnecessarily shitty, overly harsh self-criticism.

Even though I’ve made an effort to be thankful for something(s) in my life daily, and to foster a positive outlook on myself and my work, cementing these things in the written word add to turning such gestures into simple, everyday reality.

Snuff out the depression and anxiety little-by-little and say/think/write something about yourself that you can’t help but enjoy, like, or deeply love.


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