Late-Night Post Live Music Drive Home

This night air is sweet like the hyacinths and daffodils I picked and placed on my windowsill. Silver beams seep in with the air through the car’s window cracked.

I’m aloft on this inspiration. Motivation finds me here. Hello again, let’s get to work:

We’re a little starry-eyed from stardom hopes glistening in our futures yet. Our fantasies sparkle as bright as these street lights at night.

City’s pretty well setting the mood for me. Don’t you think?

What a ride, I don’t want to sleep on the drive home. I’ll sleep when I’m older, when I’m closer to an end.

I’ve got  plenty of time, but no more room for hesitation. Better level out my expectations because I’m due for a field day.

I’m bouncing on these ebbs and flows. Better to be nowhere than a bad place to go.

Take nothing but the kitchen sink. Don’t leave me on some edge’s brink. The cadence in my voice carries some heavy stones of the past, which must be why I have this lump in my throat. This baggage claims itself.

I’m pretty happy with you, but not with us together sometimes. But we’ll work through it because we’re both worth it. I’m not scared; I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s all just poor reactions in memory bags, but I can do better than that. Watch me.

Peel the fog from this car and fire that fucker up. We need to get out of here to save ourselves. Spontaneity is the only good reason for any trip to anywhere, so shrug it off with a “just cuz, why not babe?” I’m done playing here these days anyway.

We’re writers, artists, and musicians, and we need to grasp onto these truths with every breaking bone in our bodies.

Save your last breath for your masterpiece.

But right now, I’m watching these shadows’ beautiful display across the dashboard of someone else’s car. Should’ve been here too, but that’s on you. Don’t “next time” unless you’re sure.

Perhaps more of me will be there “next time” too.

I know it will.


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