I Just Can’t

As a feminist, there are so many things I have to admit that I can and cannot support.

i.e., I just can’t.

One of those things is the godforsaken bachelor’s party. The very word makes me want to punch the patriarchy straight in its nuts in hopes to prevent it from siring any more of its disgusting children.

Of course, I also don’t support the traditional idea of bachelorette parties either, but that rant will come another day.

There’s just something instinctively repulsive about a group of hetero white men (or as my friend said last night, Straight White men- capital ‘S’ capital ‘W’) getting hammered and prowling the night in the name one of their member’s last few days of freedom.


There’s so much bullshit in that concept I could perish from screaming.

No women allowed, no girlfriends or wives, except for the women who they will pay to grind on them, the women they expect to flirt back with them at that bar, and the women they go a little too far with regardless their relationship status.

Well, it’s still technically “no women allowed” from their viewpoint anyway. Because let’s face it, they don’t see these human beings as women, they see them as a part of their traditional agenda for their final night(s) of freedom. They are simply no more than a part of the aesthetic, of the “we are young men in control and no female is immune to us in our prime” nonsensical garbage. They say they are in love with the female form, and that is the truth. They love her form, not her. They want her body, regardless who she is. At a traditional bachelor’s party, it’s about her flesh carriage and his, no room for understanding her humanity (or his own).

It’s not about “freedom,” it’s about getting to do what they want with no judgment because it’s a bachelor’s party right? That’s what’s supposed to happen. They get to be who they really want to be without repercussion because this is the way it’s always been for decades, longer than that even. Men will be men, after all. Even the most feminist of men pulled into this archaic nonsense will not protest to the festivities unfolding before them.

For one night they mask their misogyny under the veil of tradition, never having to answer for their behavior that one time. It’s like a hall pass for them.

Well, I don’t accept those hall passes. If you partake in misogyny, I will say you did just that. I don’t accept excuses, I don’t accept what society accepts, I don’t accept misogyny. Period.

Note: I’m in no way knocking strippers and their career. They are performers, athletic, skilled ones at that, who choreograph fantastic shows. I’m simply getting snippy with a certain type of audience member who essentially behave as I’ve depicted here in this blog.

And no, this doesn’t apply to everyone who’s ever had a bachelor’s party. In fact, many bachelor’s parties nowadays will only hold the title, but no other revolting element of the tradition.

Perhaps next time we’ll discuss the issues with traditional bachelorette parties as well.

Ta-fucking-ta for now.



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