My Guide to Meditation (For all Artists)

I mean artist here as in anyone who creates anything, be it a portrait, a sculpture, a song, a poem, a novel, a blanket, a hat, or a blog.

Also, I know everyone has their own ways of communing through their soul (if they believe in the spiritual aspect of it, if not that’s cool too, meditation is still a positive process either way). This is simply to show how I’ve grown through meditation to best help my creative flow, and maybe it will provide some instance of a platform from which beginners can build their best meditation experiences.

  1. Choose a space for meditation. It could be a whole room, a corner of a room, a decent-sized broom closet, your bed, or a cabinet beneath the stairs. The point is, make it yours. Carve out your territory.
  2. Messy space, messy mind. Try to clean it up and organize the area. That isn’t to say don’t make it comfortable and welcoming. Make a nest of clean blankets, colorful with curious designs, and keep plush pillows on standby. Unless simplistic is your style, then wipe out everything and make it a clear, blank space. But you might want something cozy nearby anyway, because afterwards you will want to feel at home and safe.
  3. Smelly-good things, please. For me, I love to drown myself in good scents during meditation. I strongly suggest lighting a stick or two of frankincense or nag champa incense. The scented smoke provides a soothing, ethereal aesthetic. Have a Scentsy going too, if you have one. They fill a room pretty quickly, and their light is warm and reassuring.
  4. Get comfortable. Get settled flat on your back, or sit up straight, perhaps on your side, or wrapped in the plushest blanket you have. You can sit in the floor, on the couch, in your bed, wherever you like. Just make sure you’re comfortable, awake, and aware of yourself.
  5. Speaking of awake and aware, be awake and aware. It’s kind of hard to get into an effective meditation when you’re nodding off, or feel groggy and gross. Try to perk yourself up a bit. Meditation does take some effort, mentally, so be sure you can give yourself the moment of self-awareness and self control that you need.
  6. Keep it noise free, or fill the room with music. Some people have a hard time concentrating without any sound at all, others relish the silence. I’m one of those people who prefer the music, though. I like to immerse a room in something sensual, moody, and environmentally captivating. Unless I’m out in the middle of nature; in that case, I love to focus on the sounds of life surrounding me. Mother Nature is a phenomenal composer.
  7. Prepare some tea, coffee, or some other delicious, warm beverage to enjoy when you’re finished. It’s a good way to welcome yourself back to your life, and serves as a nice reward.
  8. Get your things ready. Make sure your journal, sketchbook, laptop, instrument, canvas, yarn, cooking utensils, or whatever it is you love to make is close by and ready to be used. Grab your drink and get started (or back to work) on whatever project it is that needs your restored attention and fresh outlook. Having your tools on hand as soon as you come out of your meditation makes it so much easier to segue into your work.
  9. Begin, and breathe.

For those of you who use meditation to help keep your creativity flowing, tell me how you prepare for meditation.

If anyone would like to know my suggestions for music during meditative periods, just ask and I’ll be happy to comment songs with links.


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