GoPro Artist/Nerd in DC

Hey guys! Recently I was in Washington, DC for my paper’s media convention, and worked on several timelapse, film, and photo gallery projects since then following themes of DC’s architecture, art, and culture.

I will soon post these finished projects on this blog, so get ready for an influx of DC-related nonsense. A good chunk of these projects have been taken from a GoPro Hero 3, which is something I’ve been working with all semester. I’m really loving the quality and clarity coming from the GoPro, and I’ve been bustin’ ass to improve my attempts at art via this little guy.

Although I took 2000+ photos during this trip, this one was taken by my friend and colleague, Natasha Cribbs, a talented artist and graphic designer. However, she was not using a GoPro, just a regular old crappy camera. Do better Natasha. (I’m kidding, you’re perfect, I love you, this is an amazing candid shot, it makes me super happy)

Expect to see my work soon!

NOTE: I cannot confirm nor deny that my upcoming works will be pretentious and overblown. Good luck with deciphering that yourselves.


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