To Bitch, from Babe

In this episode, Babe finds out the harsh truth about his favorite pizza delivery service.

Babe orders Domino’s, and gives specific directions to the delivery driver:

“I’m sad, write me a poem.”

Upon delivery, Babe is crestfallen to discover no poem with his gooey cheese goodness.

Babe (to Bitch):

“Well it is clear to me now that Domino’s does not care for my emotional well-being. I will remember that.”

Bitch (laughing at Babe’s failed attempt to find joy in the world):

“Guess we shouldn’t rely on Americanized, fast-food pizza for therapeutic support… Bummer.”

Now babe has subjected himself to watching children die endlessly because he depended upon Domino’s for help.

Moral of the story:

Don’t rely on your pizza delivery driver to boost your mental health.

Rely on pizza.

Pizza is always there for you.

Humanity is not.



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