Work Sucked and I Burned My Dinner

I have never felt so alone than I do right now.

I have so many good friends.

I have the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.

I have great professors and parents.

And yet I’ve never felt this alone, even with all that.

I have mentally been the healthiest that I have been in years.

Physical health, too, since before college.

And yet, right now, I can’t stop crying.

And I feel very alone. I have all these people I could talk to, and the only person I really want around is my best friend in the world.

This isn’t an insult to anyone I know. I love you all very much.

But usually, before, during times like these…

She was there.

And I know I was there for her too.

And it sucks for both of us when we hit these lows.

But hey, writing is my thing, and I wrote a thing.

And now I’ve stopped crying.

So, I guess I really only needed myself.

Saved by the written word again. Thank God.

Now what the fuck am I going to do for dinner?

“Pick yourself up bitch, and get the fuck up.”


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