Don’t Let It Affect Me

This planet divvies out the most rich, intoxicating experiences sure to pierce any heart with absolute joy, followed swiftly by consequences ignorant of the moral or ethical measure of said experiences.

Good follows bad, bad follows good, and sometimes they come packaged together.

The point is, nothing lasts forever. No emotional state is permanent. You will never be happy, sad, livid, desperate, content, full, starving, or tired forever.

It comes and goes.

Every experience is pure and unique; it’s not so much about good or bad experiences, just the experiences themselves.

It’s all life, simple as that.

And everything you feel as a result from those experiences, you should always follow it with one of two thoughts: yet or until.

Nothing has hurt worse than this…. Yet.

I couldn’t be more angry…. Until…

I have never done that… Yet.

I have never been so happy… Until…

You don’t need to connect those thoughts to the reality waiting on the other side, just keep in mind that you will reach that side someday. Be wise, be aware, don’t take your current state for granted, and don’t pretend you will remain in that state forever.

Most importantly, let things be.

And just be.

As life transforms around you, remember that you are transforming around it as well.





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