University Parking JK Not Really

All right, my school, time to figure some shit out.

The lack of available parking at my university is beyond frustrating. Yes, this is a problem many universities encounter, and yes, it’s been bad every year here especially during the first month of fall semester.

But this past week has been the worst I’ve ever encountered.

The student body received an email from their academic advisers before classes started warning us to get to campus early enough to find parking… Which can take up to twenty minutes, no lie.

And that is a tried and true statement. It took me 20 minutes total to find parking and to walk all the way from one end of the campus to the other where my class had already started.

My class: at one end of the fucking campus. My car: at the boys’ dorm ALL THE WAY AT THE OTHER END OF THE CAMPUS.



I’m Jewish; haven’t my people suffered enough from wandering around in the heat?

Every morning this week, not only is it impossible to find parking, but I can’t even sneak in an illegal park anywhere. Like, no place to leave my car somewhere that isn’t completely conspicuous to a campus cop at first for 50 minutes of class time.



Students were so desperate that they were very noticeably parking illegally.

In front of the campus police station.

It was that packed.

I nearly crashed into other students who were just as frantic, desperately searching for places to park.

Come on.

Come on HSU.

You can’t build shit tons of new apartments and dorms for the massive influx of new students and neglect the expansion of parking to accommodate these same students.

Henderson, I love you, but I’m calling you out.

Don’t build over parking without creating more parking first.

And when you expand your student housing, expand your parking availability as well.

If your student body increases, your space for living should too, and that includes a place for students to park their cars.

Cars are kind of essential cogs to the machine that is life, nowadays, if you haven’t gotten the memo.

For all that is right and holy, please give us more parking.


I cannot rely on students playing hooky from class to achieve a space for my vehicle while I attend school.

And showing up a half hour or more before classes is absolutely ridiculous.

I mean, how would you feel, administration, if you had to show up to work a half hour or more before just to find available parking?

Oh wait.

You don’t have to do that at all.

You have your own parking.


How bout the rest of us too?


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