Guilty Pleasures

Time to make people hate me a little more.

I’m a fairly open book, with little to hide and I’m honestly not afraid to talk about things that most people would consider really private shit or too dark to share.

I intentionally overshare because it makes people around me comfortable enough to confide in me. Since clinical mental health and therapy is something I’ve wanted to pursue professionally since I was 12, I abuse the fact that I’m not easily embarrassed to achieve this level of comfort with others.

Imagine that; if you act like a real human being, others feel comfortable enough to be real right back.

But I still keep some things to myself, and they’re not the sort of things you’d think folks would keep private.

Like, dude, if the subject comes up or you ask me, I’ll talk about my molestation as a child, my date rape, the fights I’ve been in (which ties in with how I broke my jaw out of place), my short period of homelessness, my kinks and fetishes and sexual desires, my bipolar disorder, my period of alcohol and drug abuse, the shitty things I’ve done to other people that I’m hardly ashamed of but probably should be, all the times I’ve projectile vomited, and my near-death experiences.

However, this blog post ain’t about bringing down the house, it’s about my list of guilty pleasures that would probably bring me a shite ton of ridicule.

But fuck you guys let’s do this.

Guilty Pleasures in Music– many know that I’m a bit of an audiophile and especially revel in anything from the 90’s or before. Although my favorite genres include altrock/punk/hard rock, I enjoy a little bit from every genre. Even pop, to an extent.

That being said…

I adore Justin Timberlake’s music. In fact, I’m listening to “SexyBack” right now. And “Rock Your Body” is still one of the best songs I’ve ever laid ears on. I mean, I know these songs through and through. I wish to perform them. Yeah… I know.

You see, I’m not a huge fan of most pop and I hardly keep up with it, but Timberlake is one of those exceptions. As well as Beyonce. But I think most people can accept my adoration for Beyonce’s less popular work.

I can happily justify any other artist I listen to that may attract ridicule to my taste, like Nikki Minaj, Rod Stewart, La Roux, Phil Collins, and so on, but the Timberlake thing… Even I’m not sure how to deal with that one.

Though I don’t care for her shady shit regarding her lack of commitment to feminism, I greatly enjoy Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and “You’re so Mean.”

I know, I’m awful.

And we’re not done.

I absolutely love Nick Jonas’s “Jealous.” Ugh. But, let me be clear, I don’t like anything else by any Jonas brother. Aight? OK. As long as we’re clear on that.

Also, I like Nickelback. Fuck you people. Like, three maybe four people know that I like Nickelback and include their music in my favorite Spotify playlist. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone hates them.

Guilty Pleasures in Movies/Shows/Series– I like good writing, no matter what format it comes in. So if I recognize good writing, whether that be storyline, character development, dialogue, or all three, I will like the show. That’s all there is to it.

But, due to unpopular opinion, I don’t necessarily advertise the fact that I’m re-watching all the Frasier episodes.

That’s right. Re-watching.

I not only love the Final Destination film series (well, 1-3 at least), but I consider it a trailblazer in the world of horror. The plot, the effects (for their times), and the creativity quickly made me a horror junkie and tossed me deep into the world of cinematography.

They are not trashy horror flicks to me, they are gold. I don’t mean that sarcastically or ironically at all.

The Holiday, with Jack Black, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Winslet. I usually dislike rom-coms, but this is a super-duper favorite of mine and I hate myself.

Speaking of rom-coms, I’m fucking bonkers for Love Actually. Yep.

Jericho. Look, it can be a tanking piece of shit, but if you’re in a post-apocalyptic, nuke-torn world, then I’m hooked. And yes, I’m still bitter that they canceled the series and left so much hanging. It was brilliant to me, damnit.

Lady in the Water. A lot of people hate this movie and consider it Shyamalan’s worst work, but it’s one of my favorites. I honestly believe that people just don’t get the point. To add to this, I love everything Shyamalan has ever done except the Airbender crap. I don’t hate it for the reason most nerds do though, it’s because I just don’t like any of the Avatar stuff in general. Sorry not sorry; it’s not my cup of tears.

Cats. Yes the musical. I love it, OK? I love musicals, I’m crazy for musicals, and I love Cats the most. Let’s get over it.

Guilty Pleasures in Books– as a writer who is friends with other writers, this is where I really keep my mouth shut.

But here goes.

Although I haven’t read any of his new works for the past couple of years, I was and still am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks.

All right, I said it. I’m a fraud as a writer! I LOVE NICHOLAS SPARKS’S WORKS.

I read a fuck ton of his books in high school.

I really liked P.S. I Love You. And I cried so hard several times. The movie doesn’t do the book justice.

You ready for the kicker?

I liked Twilight. I liked the first book. I felt that the second and third book could have been cut down and combined, but yep, I liked it. It was a decent story, I liked Bella’s character, thought Alice and Jasper were the shit, and the action was pretty damn satisfying. Again, the movie didn’t do it justice.

Going off on Stephanie Meyers for a moment: I know most “well-read writers” don’t care for her work, but to this day The Host remains rooted in my top ten list of best novels.

Although I will say this; as much as I liked these books and authors, they weren’t my top favorites that inspired my writing and made up my high school life (except The Host). Of the authors included in that influential list, Scott Westerfield, Rick Riordan, James Patterson, Laurie Viera Rigler, Brian Katcher, Libba Bray, Suzanne Collins, Philip Wylie, and of course Michael Chrichton certainly continue to motivate me to this day.

And there you have it, the few things I rarely talk about or bring up at all exposed to the world.








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