Silicon Valley Characters = The Library of My Relationship History

So I fucked up and got myself hooked on Silicon Valley.


Just what I need, another show to get fat to while watching.

But I love it, and I realized something about myself after the first three episodes.

Each of the characters remind me of my exes and crushes.

Although each character has a different personality (compare Gilfoyle to Richard, or Elrich to Nelson), like my exes and crushes they all have one thing in common.

They’re all super-duper tech geeks. (Duh. That’s the point of the show)

I have a long history of affairs with super nerdy tech bros.

Which is amusing, because I’m so fucking technologically impaired.

Perhaps my survivalism is reaching out to these guys to help keep me afloat in modern society.

That, and they’re just downright adorable when beefing up their laptops or squeeing over their new dual monitor set-up.

Although I’ve steadily attempted to become as tech-savvy as these guys, I know I’ll never achieve that level of skill and fascination they possess.

To all the genius geeky losers, take heart, because you’ll always have a fangirl here.

Which might only depress you further, so for that I apologize.



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