A True, Rage-Fueled Rant

I usually don’t care about what most of the neo-nazi conservatives post and share, but sometimes it just gets a little too BS-y and I’ve got to make a cut here and there.

The level of selfishness in our violence-oriented, citizen regulated, “you shouldn’t do this because I believe that” country is staggering.

I have little hope or faith that our country will experience true change. Pre-forefathers, we were founded on zero education, rampant violence, filth, entitlement, and a “fuck-all” attitude that seems to cling and breed like the worst shower curtain mildew in a boys’ college dorm.

Just because we think we’re the best so far (and even then there’s a mountain of research to say otherwise), doesn’t mean we’re actually good.

Buck the fuck up, America. Do better.

Someone (or more) is going to get the balls one day to wipe us out, and behaving like a 6 foot toddler (which roughly equates to a ruthless, conscience-barren serial killer) is not going to help our case any at all.

And I’m getting to a point where I’m saying screw it, go for it, scorch the earth black over here and start over.

It’s like we want to be WWII era Germany so damn badly.

Not surprisingly, our early development and Germany’s is not all that different.

People think I’m angry all the time, that all my ranty posts reflect a sheer pissed attitude.
But no, most of my rants are done so for humor. It’s an act, people.

This, however, is what it’s like when I’m actually mad.

And I’m fucking fed the fuck up with people who fucking REFUSE to educate them-fucking-selves.

“Been around the Horn, sailed the seven seas, seen everything, done everything, that’s how I know people are rotten. I’ve seen ’em all.” – McCoy, “Rooster Cogburn.”

I haven’t even hit 1% of seeing everything and I still relate to this. Otherwise, I must only be viewing the shittiest of shit lately.

“My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will disprove your faith in man.” -Fiona Apple.

(Y’all, this post doesn’t reflect my entire attitude towards the country, nor is it a sign of giving up. It is simply a snap, so let me bitch about it for a second and I’ll get back to my agenda within the fortnight. We all pitch a fit once in a while, for fuck’s sake)

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