All right, I see how it is. I post news from my university, a documentary I’ve been working on all semester, and other related shite, and y’all motherfuckers just ignore it.

No likes.

No comments.

I guess I’m only “cool” to you bitches if I complain about bipolar disorder, being sick, or ranting about someone in a murder fantasy.

Or #Squadgoals.

Am I being punished for not publishing any #Squadgoals episodes lately? I haven’t stopped writing, I’ve just had to rewrite them.

Look, I had most of the rest of this series written, and then I decided to rewrite it. So it’s going to take a while. Aight? Damn.

Decided to kill off a couple characters early is all, so that takes time to work into the rest of the story.


Calm yo tits.

Anyfuck, you’ll be hearing more from #Squadgoals and my bitchy-shit stories soon enough.

Until then, don’t just ignore me because I’m temporarily deviating from usual swill.

That is all.


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