An Evening with the McClouds

Before I begin today’s excursion of writing, I shall start it off with more writing.

Because I want to brag to the world that I had dinner with Scott and Ivy McCloud the other night, along with my professors.

Fangirling with Ivy over all our favorite fandoms will be cherished deeply in my heart for ages to come. It’s incredibly reaffirming to know I’m not the only one to lose it when I see a preview for one of my beloved series while in the theater.

But seriously, hearing about their travels through Alaska, their kids’ marvelous lives and talents, comic cons, Bucky the rescue pup, theater life, film work, and their fucktabulous stories of Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman….

I had to constantly make sure I was awake, because otherwise such a fantastic night could only occur in a coma dream.

I’m extremely grateful that I lucked into such an experience, and I hope I’m just as lucky to brush into these people again in the future.

And if you don’t know who Scott and Ivy McCloud are, you need to get on Google and figure out your life.

Now, I’m off to write a shite-ton of articles due by tomorrow. Ta-fucking-ta!


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