Hey, Sorry for Being Out-of-Touch

Yeah I know, I’ve been entirely quiet here for, what? A couple weeks? So unlike me…

Not really.

But I have good excuses for going dead silent this time! I was in NYC again for a student editors workshop with The New York Times.

Fuck yeah.

And I have been wrapping up this semester’s projects, it’s the final stretch. This week marks the final week of filming for a kinda-sorta documentary I’m working on, then next week is “all hail editing.”

There’s so much, just so much.

I love it.

I’d rather be busy with this shit then stuck in bed without a shower for three days, my pajamas deteriorating off my body, finishing off the fifteenth box of cheese RitzBitz, and watching “Friends” reruns.

Not that that’s not a fun way to party and all, but such an event should be reserved for special occasions only.

Until then, I’ll write to you fuckers later.


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