A Week of Firsts-Transportation (More on NYC)

My trip to New York City itself was a first, but it was not the only first-time experience for me that whole week.

I experienced my first commercial flight, which was vastly intimidating. I heavily relied on Spotify to ease me through it all. However, by the last two flights home I had totally conquered my fear of flying and felt comfortable moving about and talking to others while in the air.

Overall flights could give me a bit of a headache, but I’m not terrified of flying anymore.

While in the city, I rode the subway for the first time. I wish it had been the last and only time.

OK, so the subway is honestly not that terrible, especially with a group of people, and I grew to tolerate it. I even found it amusing at times, like how it’s easy to get battered around at every stop and go, or when you and your group miss the right stop and get lost for two hours riding three different trains. Supes fun (I did laugh pretty hard at the whole thing).

Still, I could not imagine being left alone to navigate the stink-pit that is the NYC subway system. There are too many creepy fucking people, garbage everywhere, nothing is clean (as I have stated before I am constantly fighting against my fear of germs), it smells rotten, and everything looks unstable and rickety. Not to mention the system can be ridiculously confusing, and when you ask for directions everyone has a different answer.

Not my favorite “first” of the week, not by far.

Now, my absolute favorite first experience was riding the Staten Island ferry. It was almost my favorite activity out of the entire week. I just want a cup of mocha or hot chocolate and to ride the ferry aimlessly for hours. Bliss, bitches, it was pure bliss.

There’s not much to say about them, but my other two firsts were riding in a taxi, a transit bus, and being picked up by an Uber driver (I didn’t even know what the hell that was). Each time I expected death, rape, or human trafficking to occur, but thankfully each time I was met with the relief of reaching my destination.

I would list all the places I went to for the first time, but it seems rather redundant since this was my first trip to NYC all together… So of course everywhere I went was my first time there, and I’d rather talk about the experiences I had with an array of foreign (to me) transportation.

For that matter, I’m not going to go over visiting punk and metal bars for the first time again, because I just wrote about that in my last blog. Keep up people.

Next time I’ll cover the food I basically face-fucked while in New York, and that won’t include your run-of-the-mill pizza slices and  deli food either (although I did partake in such traditional touristy things).

Adieu, and fuck subways.


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