Panicky. Help.

I’m only a week away from going to New York city for the College Media Association Convention in Times Square.

And I’m increasingly panicked each day.

This will mark my first time ever in a commercial plane, my first time ever in New York city, and first time ever in a city larger than New Orleans.


But, I will be among folks who have been to New Orleans many times before and they assure me that they will help me navigate the hectic city.



I’m going to be gone for five days, away from my best friends and my Ghost! (for those of you who don’t recall, she’s my baby (dog)).

I’ve only ever traveled with my best friends. It feels weird to go somewhere this big without them.

It feels dirty.

But then, I always feel dirty (in my soul, not my body, I swear I shower more than once per week).

Today is too nice, I want to hike. I really want to hike with a specific person, but you know. Life is filled with utmost fuckery so whatever.



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