#Squadgoals Episode 9

New episode everyone! Sorry for the wait!


Primal’s wolf-dogs growled, but with one buzzing sound from their master they were silent. She quietly ordered them to wait outside, and they obeyed, both Baba O’Riley and Spectre leapt through the broken opening.

Primal felt confident that she and Delia were enough to take on the strangers. Even if they weren’t, she knew her wolves would be back in to assist them within seconds upon her call.

Delia pressed her heels into the old plank floor, rocking back for just a second before shifting her weight back to the balls of her feet. She let her knees bend, sinking pressure into the floor. She disallowed any tension in her muscles. Tense muscles make for snapped bones, Delia remembered her Israelite mentor’s lessons well.

Primal was in a similar position, but her entire body was far more aggressively inclined. She pushed herself entirely to the balls of her feet…

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