Is It Spring? I Can’t Tell, I’m in Arkansas

Although I had a long night reporting on a play, I awakened to a glorious spring day.

In February.

In Arkansas.

So God knows how true it could be.

But it is quite beautiful. It’s got that just-right hot vibe, birds tweeting about (and singing too), and the air is just sexy. My bulbs are blooming too.


They’re so pretty.

I like saying MY BULBS. I either sound like an old woman with nothing better to do or talk about, or a stifled sexually confused hermaphrodite.

I’m cool with being either one.

I really want to go hiking today, but I have committed to writing this giant ass article today instead. Bitches.

Also, I had a beautiful mania-driven outburst this morning. I’m still reeling from it. Man, a messy house can genuinely disturb my mania into a full-blown rage attack. Everyone within screaming distance beware.

Off to this article.

Oh by the way.


Stay tuned, more panic-worthy news to come.


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