Blog Updates

I don’t mean my individual blog updates, I mean my entire blog site has been updated and I love the new look.

Relish the void of jet darkness encircling you; succumb to its numbing pleasures!

Anyskank, the new picture is just temporary, and a year old, but I thought it would work effectively until my new one comes in. Instead of the old Cinderella that most have known me by, I am going to do a live shot of the picture using myself of course, but same “I’m THIS close to losing my shit” motto.

And yes, everyone, my pen name is Em Manx. In fact, my gamer name, my DnD character name, my all-roleplaying-games name, and my artist’s name all has “Manx” in it. So if you see “Manx,” that’s probably me.

Or an impostor, in which case they should be drowned in the blood of menstruations past.

No actually don’t do that. Please don’t. I don’t want to go to jail for giving insane people better ideas than they already have.

The next #Squadgoals is on its way. See y’all.



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