Is That All You Take Me For?

So I’ve been posting my latest articles, short stories, poems, etcetera, and it seems I get no love for anything other than #Squadgoals anymore.

Come on people, it’s a crap-filled friend-fic with more effort poured into the Spotify playlist I listen to while writing #Squadgoals than the writing itself…

And yet I get more likes and more permanent followers for every episode I release than for anything else I do.

Do you guys really like it that much? I’m concerned for your mental health, I really am…

But hey, I’ll keep churning the babies out like a young horny cat that successfully escaped the sterilizing clutches of the Humane Society.

Not that the Humane Society are evil wiiiihitches, just that terrified cats don’t know any better when approached by someone wielding a scalpel.

All right, get ready for another #Squadgoals soon y’all.


2 thoughts on “Is That All You Take Me For?

    1. No problem love! No need for thanks, you’re a good writer, and we all need each others support as bloggers. Keep doing what you do! 🙂

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