#Squadgoals Story Update (And Side Project)

Fear not, #Squadgoals followers! I have been writing the series out, actually all the way to the end with just a few portions needing to be tweaked. However, I will not be publishing the next episode for a little while. I’m working with my editor on precisely how it should go, because shit is getting real.

Also, something else that will put a damper on the episode-publishing process is #Squadgoals related side project. I and a fellow artist are currently working on a #Squadgoals animated music video. If things go well with the debut video, we will continue a series of #Squadgoals animated music videos.

Until then, here’s a little sketched out prototype of what the characters would look like for the video.


They’re cute on the top row, aren’t they? But the more realistic, rugged characters on the bottom will be more akin to how they will look in the animation. No, I did not draw this. I leave this to artist with whom I’m working.

For that matter, this same artist has been commissioned to do full-body portraits of each character in 1950’s style settings. They will be hand-sketched and colored with high-quality water colors. She can do several forms of art beautifully, having sharpened her skills through years of college work.

Yes, I am very excited to post the finishing products. No, I don’t care if anyone else likes it or not.

So there’s that. Look out for the next episode of #Squadgoals!


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