Lovci na Zemi, “Hunters for Earth” Tribe

This here is a little origin, lore, and culture of a faction I created with the founder of a FeedTheBeast, open-to-all minecraft server. So, if you’re not interested in this, just pass it by, my feelings won’t be hurt. Hell, I won’t even know. (And yes I use Czech and variations of the Czech language for certain terms and names in the Lovci na Zemi tribe).

Lovci Na Zemi (translating loosely to Hunters for Earth):

The Lovci na Zemi Tribe’s earliest recorded origin dates back nearly one thousand years with their alleged founder, or mother of their race, Hatika the Avenging Arrow.

According to legend, Hatika had been born from the Earth itself, splitting from the soil, clawing out from the rock. A torrential storm served as the labor pains which beckoned her from the Earth. Lightning struck the crust, causing a small ravine to crack open to serve as the womb’s opening to reveal Hatika.

She was tall, mighty, fierce, and fit. Her hair was long and tri-colored red, gold, and sienna. The jungles proved to be the only fitting home for her as she survived the wilds with inborn skill. As she lived, certain animals became superior companions to her. Of these animals were the wolf-joined for partnership, the jungle cat-tamed and reborn, and the horse-trained to support. Other animals worked with Hatika in what she knew as Rotatza Lyfe, meaning Life’s Rotation. All worked in synch to support each other’s needs while fulfilling their lives to the utmost. “Odpad nenee, chcete ne,” which was her mantra translating to, “Will never want if never waste.”

She was a fierce warrior, brutally demolishing anyone who threatened the sanctity of her jungle home and its inhabitants. Hatika fought with menacing brute, but only on the battlefield for protective purposes. Her intellect provided her to found civilized structures, which is still continuously taught to each new Lovci generation. This logic and intellect enabled her to apply strategy to her defensive methods as well. Thus, the Lovci na Zemi may appear to be a warring tribe, but only when provoked and brought to battle.

Not much is known as to how future generations spawned from Hatika. She may have found a mate from a neighboring, endangered tribe. Legend, however, states she cut out lengths of her hair of each color she had and planted them in the Earth. As her hair regrew, a thick strand of white billowed from her scalp. Records say she waited years for lightning to strike these three plantings, and from them came two males and a female matching Hatika in physicality and mind, each having the color of hair from which they were born. Then again, this is purely legend, but supposedly from these four, over centuries,  was how the Lovci na Zemi came to be.

Many Lovci believe that when Hatika died, her body and spirit returned to the Earth’s depths in the same way she was born from it.

Lovci are typically born with dark auburn, golden blonde, or rich sienna hair. Members of the tribe are considered wise or preferred leaders-known to the tribe as “Vudce-” when they develop the band of white in their hair as Hatika had. Their skin is usually deeply tanned or dark, due to nearly constant exposure to the sun, sometimes as dark as the soil itself. Their eyes tend to strictly be green, dark brown, or gray. Although rare, some Lovci have been born with eyes of varying colors outside this scheme, such as blue, hazel, or a mixture of the three usual colors. Hatika was believed to have tri-colored eyes like her hair. They do not consider unnatural alterations to their appearances, but many do enjoy staining their lids with various colored clay and staining their lips with potent berry shades for war, hunting, or celebratory feasts. They consider it a tribute to the Earth’s goods as well as a way to use every bit of everything they harvest to the last degree.

Most recently, a large ravine split open from a massive earthquake, pulling nearly every bit of the Lovci’s civilization and culture, as well as inhabitants, into the depths of the Earth. The majority of Lovci believe the Earth had decided to destroy them because they were reaching levels of overpopulation, which would disrupt Rotatza Lyfe by overusing the land, its resources, and potentially rendering their section of the world barren. They believe that the spirit of Hatika reawakened from the disturbance in Rotatza Lyfe, therefore causing the the massive ravine. Now, those remaining of the Lovci na Zemi tribe have been struggling to revive their civilization in a new jungle home.


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