I’ll Take that as a Compliment, Sir

Sorry I haven’t been updating as much (insert some mundane holiday excuses here), but I have been writing! Before Christmas day I will have the next episode of #Squadgoals up for sure. It’s got a sweet little ending to it before the big storm (oops spoilers) that will hopefully add something nice to your holiday celebrations.

So the other day at work, my coworker, manager, and I were talking about King of the Hill. I made a comment that my coworker/roommate/ex-fiance-still-best-friend was quickly on his way to being a Hank Hill. We both made the joke that I guess it didn’t work out between us because I’m not much of a Peggy, although I respect her ability to beat the hell out of anyone she desires and can haul her way across a ranch.

My manager told me that if I was like anyone on that show, I would be Dale Gribble.

I’ve never felt so accomplished in my whole life. 🙂


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