Ah Yes, Please Belittle Entire Communities of the Mentally Unwell and Japanese/Asian

Look what I found today, mirroring some of my major issues with the upcoming horror film, The Forest:

**This Is So Much Worse Than Whitewashing** *Why I’m Boycotting Hollywood’s Newest Movie “The Forest”*

Have yourself a little read there if you wish before continuing on to my (somewhat) intellectual rant.

I have to agree. I’ve known about this place for quite some time, even researching it for a psychology class in college. It’s terrifying and disturbing when learning about this forest. For instance, when you discover the amount of bodies they clean out of this place once or twice per year it’s beyond unsettling. Some people who hike and tour the forest have the shocking dismay to discover fresh bodies, and sometimes decomposed, missed ones. That is terrifying within itself; there’s honestly little need to add such paranormal extremes. Maybe I could see elaborating it a little bit; perhaps have something beyond this dimension call out to and entice those with mental disorders, maybe even viciously singling them out because of their disorders so it can “feed” or some mess? I don’t know. Besides that, the casting decisions were certainly disappointing.

When I saw the preview I was confused to see a white chick cast. I knew about the forest, but then second-guessed where this was actually taking place when the story revolved around an American white family. It just doesn’t match well, and I really wanted to see someone like Doona Bae (Sun Bak in Sense8) as the leading lady, and maybe the little girl from Pacific Rim as one of the missing girls? That would have been great! Those actresses are freaking spectacular and it would have added to the legitimacy of the story.

But I guess we’ll just have another nothing-special, wimpy-over-sexualized-white-girl-gets-chased-down-by-gross-unknowns, sloppily thrown together, plot-hole ridden “horror” film floating around aimlessly in this world. In the words of dear Youtuber Jontron: “Sky’s the limit when you don’t give a shit!”

And again, thanks for detracting from the real horror of mentally damaged people killing themselves on a daily basis. Many thanks you d-bags.


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