Interesting Bipolar Home Remedies to Assist in Therapies


I found this little treat today on the web. I actually do use passion flower and valerian root. Please be sure though, whatever you do, to not stop taking medication or drop your current dosage completely without alerting your psychological professional and support system (whomever that may include).

Also, research these remedies in-depth, as some have side effects which could harm you more than others, or you may be more sensitive to certain ones than others.

Also-also, it should be certainly noted that simply taking remedies or medications alone is obviously not the only way to go. It’s absolutely necessary to continue bettering yourself through constructive therapies, behavioral exercises, milestones, etc.

All in all, I personally have found a couple of these to definitely¬†take the edge off of both mania and depression. Because of this, it’s much easier to work through my transitions and episodes, as well as actually reach out for constructive help throughout my bipolar. It’s not for everybody, but it does work for some, and I hope this helps for anyone interested!


3 thoughts on “Interesting Bipolar Home Remedies to Assist in Therapies

  1. I’ve been making a tea from valerian root for the past month. I find it really helps bring my level of anxiety down and even decreases my blood pressure. Such a wonderful herb!

    1. That’s awesome! I love growing and making my own herbal remedies when I can, and Valerian is certainly a wonderful, powerful one. I’ve recently taken a stronger liking to it over passion flower. Although I don’t believe I’ve had any real side effects from the passion flower, it does tend to have harsher side effects than valerian, which has made me a little more cautious when it comes to taking it as a long-term supplement.

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