What’s to Come in 2016

Fafsa and the criteria for dependency/independency are the driving forces for my lack of faith in this country.

Howdy everyone, let me tell you what’s coming up in my future.

Next semester I will be starting a second degree in Innovative Media, which sums up to basically this:

“Graduates of this program enter the world equipped with attractive skill sets for a variety of contemporary industries and disciplines. Students gain experience with team-building, collaborative project management, creative design processes, managing social and new media productions, and concept development. Careers that graduates may pursue include:”

  • 3D Artist
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Interactive Comics Creator
  • Filmmaker
  • New Media Marketing Specialist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • App and Web Designer
  • Online Journalist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Entrepreneur

-courtesy of http://www.hsu.edu/Academics/Programs/InnovativeMedia/index.html

I happened upon this new-to-Henderson degree accidentally, but it caught my attention for sure. I’m tired of wanting to create a vlog channel, but constantly finding myself trapped in a world of “I don’t know how to use that,” or “I don’t know what to do.” I’m finding myself using these excuses in the career world as well. Here I am with a degree in Child Care and Psychology, and I can’t get a job better than grocery store stock because my degree needs a Masters at least to find a job within that career field.

Now let me say this, I will get my Masters. That is a 100% necessity in my book. I want it, I have researched universities and their Psych Masters departments, and I will attain it. But I can’t keep working entry level retail positions or worse and expect that to be a feasible making. Not especially when I want so badly to write, blog, vlog, and report.

Thus, here’s my chance. I have the ability to spend a couple of years (at most) getting a second degree in something that I can apply to so much more than I am able to do now. And with two degrees under my belt, that will look miles more impressive on my Graduate applications to Xavier University.

I hope to complete this degree by the time I’m 24, having completed additional psychology courses along the way, then graduate with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health by the time I’m 28. I know I could complete all this in much shorter time, but I’m allowing myself to take things carefully and slow so I don’t burn out or flunk out from being overwhelmed.

My end goal will encompass my being an Art Therapist and professional blogger/vlogger.

There’s where I’m heading with my life so far, everyone. Wish me luck on this next endeavor, and keep on the lookout for a youtube channel of Bitchpolar in the future. Through my faith I am making things happen.

Which brings me to say once more thank you all so much for following me, liking my blogs, and supporting me in this incredible community. I’m not doing this to get “famous,” to inspire others, or to make any money, but simply because it’s fun for me and I love doing it. That being said, all of you have helped support my desire to do this professionally (or as professionally as possible).

Join me and my ridiculous blogs and #squadgoals updates as I venture into a second degree in 2016.



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