Blessed be! I reached not just 100 but 101 followers! You guys have no idea how excited this has made me; I’ve been telling everyone I know, including people in my life who hardly know I have a blog at all. Eep! It’s outstanding! And now I get to follow you all and have each new member a part of my feed and world.

Thank you all, and have an awesome Thanksgiving wherever you are and whoever you’re with! (So much incorrect with that sentence there)

But seriously, even if you’re alone for some reason (work, family sucks, friends all took off), then make the most of it for yourself. Treat yourself to your own Thanksgiving dinner, whether you make it or you take yourself out somewhere you like. Do something fun for yourself, whether that be out and about or at home snuggled up in front of the TV or laptop. You can be your own best friend, your own closest family member. And most of all, be as thankful as you can for what you have right now, but never stop striving for better because you always deserve better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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