Ye, Good Things Happening

And yes I meant to spell it like that. “Ye.”

I have much to tell you all that I have been keeping to myself in case it all fell through, but these things are indeed coming to fruition now! I will not tell you tonight, because it is late for me (well, for people with 4 AM shifts).

But I will say an exceeding thank you to 99 followers and counting. One more away from 100, and that is seriously a big deal to me. To think of how many I have right now is incredible, especially compared to the extreme lack of followers I have on any other site. Hell, I’m not even this popular on my personal facebook.

Seriously, thank you all, this is beautiful. And I love following you all as well. You tell some gorgeously woven stories, shared personal experiences/struggles, and sweet little bits of interesting. You guys help me to grow, and I’m simply thankful that you allow me to be anywhere near your feed (what with the drivel I slop out!).

Thank you all, 99 and counting.


8 thoughts on “Ye, Good Things Happening

      1. You’ll get it! Keep writing and writing, use all the tags pertinent to your work, and strive for the finest (but have fun). It took me forever to get to 100, but I am ecstatic and crazy thankful for it.

      2. It’s been hard for me. I’m in nursing school right now so that occupies a majority of my time. But I have faith. My last blog had over 1,000 followers but that didn’t turn out so well after the break up

      3. Right, so much can hinder how things go. It can be hard to find the time for blogging, but when you remind yourself how much you love it and how fun it can be, you can find the time. When I was in school and had a couple of jobs, I know it was so hard to make myself sit down and blog. I finally got so fed up that when I rebooted my blog to be a more rant-humor/personal life kind of deal, I would actually write from the bathroom. It’s awful to hear, I’m sure, but some of my best blogs came from sitting on the shitter (‘scuse me cursin’). XD

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