My Broncos Babes

When I was a little kid watching NFL Sunday nights with my parents, I chose the Broncos as my favorite team because their mascot was a white horse. As a kid growing up on a farm with a white horse of her own, you can see why I would make such a decision. I was a little kid with little knowledge about football, and since Arkansas had and still has no professional NFL league, it wasn’t so out-of-place for me to choose any other team as “mine.” Fifteen some odd years later and I am still a huge Broncos fan. I don’t even care for football, I don’t watch it, but something about the Broncos just makes me go crazy. I only watch when they play, and when they went to the Superbowl I was decked all out in my Broncos best. My best friend whom actually has some ties with Colorado is a huge fan as well, which actually helped cement our friendship years ago. So, this year I shall be rooting for my Broncos babes once more solely for a tradition that seven-year-old me began. GO BRONCOS!


P.S. If you think I won’t color up my white wolf pup with some pet-safe orange and blue dye, then you don’t know me very well!

…Or you know me well enough that I tend to be lazy and forget these things I say.


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