Confident or Pretentious ?

Very easy for me to relate to, and keeping in theme with my blog as well… Wait, I have a theme? I think it’s impossible to be bipolar and have any one main theme. XD Anyways, I truly enjoyed this, please give it a read!

The Secret Post

Most of the people I know are constantly letting me down. By letting me down I mean that I usually have high expectations and they are almost never satisfied. It’s a common mistake of those who like me want to believe in people unconditionally. Obviously this only applies to the first couple of times, I quickly learn my lesson then. Every relationship is supposedly based on trust and empathy (check this previous post of mine if you’re interested : but how do you discern the good from the bad?

I like to think that when I meet people I don’t need too much time to figure them out, though I’m still learning.. After listening them talk for a while I sort of decide if I want to know more or not. Like everyone else what I look for in a person is the peculiar things, a weird…

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