94 Followers and Hopefully Counting

Holy shite, 94 followers! Seriously, that is incredible to me. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have that many people as friends on my facebook.

Thank you all so much for including me in your blog feed, and for making that extra couple of clicks to legitimately follow my blog. Whether you truly-duly love my writing or just kind of keep it around as background noise, I’m sincerely grateful for the fact that you followed and remained following.

It seriously means a lot to me, so seriously thank you.

That is all. For now. A fourth episode of #squadgoals will be coming soon.


2 thoughts on “94 Followers and Hopefully Counting

  1. Just followed you after reading this and a couple of your other posts. Cool stuff! Come visit me soon at my new blog and be sure to let me know what you think I enjoy feedback 🙂

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