“Where All Da White Women At?”

Sorry, not all the white women specifically, I just think it’s really funny… If you get it. If you don’t, that’s ok, you’re just a bit uncultured.

But for real though, where are all of my followers? I know I was AWOL for a couple of weeks there but jeez, I’m sorry not every second of my life is blog-worthy. I mean, I could start live-blogging from the toilet again. Those seemed to be the most liked blogs after all.

All right then. The next time I pass out a squeaky meat stick I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Until then, happy dumping. Remember to flush and spray, flush and spray.

Oh but seriously, my mania has been the strongest it’s been in months now. The racing thoughts are real and boy are they ruthless. Lately mania’s favorite sparkler thoughts are intense and unjust. Constantly listening to music and playing out little music videos and scenes in my head have been helpful, but dear Lord it hasn’t been this sporadic and persistent for quite some time. Come, my fellow bipolars, join me in this revelry of mind-racing aggression and out-of-control excitement!


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