Adult Children

I am an adult child, and so are all of my closest friends. As one of my friends said last night, “I’ve become what I always wanted to be; a child with money.” That’s honestly the way it feels and I wonder now if we ever truly feel like adults, or simply tall children with good cash flow (sometimes).

Last night, our little “squad” got together again for the first time since the latest July camping trip and decided to celebrate our synced-up day off work and school… By getting Nerf guns and swords and having a series of all-out battles throughout the night. It was exhilarating. I do believe we stayed up til 5 AM before crashing on my couch watching Netflix.

Oh and that night was when my magician friend and I decided to tell the others about our moving to New Orleans together as roommates. Although moving to New Orleans has been my idea for years, I will now be accompanied by a friend just as sick of the human race as I. Let the sadistic games and mind-fuckery begin! Well, let them begin in December-January anyway.

So yes, as I am live-blogging from N’awlins, I will most likely also be blogging about the many up’s and down’s of living with a ridiculously amusing magician. An angry, nature-loving hippie blogger and a street performing magician living together in New Orleans. It’s starting to sound like a sitcom, no?

Which reminds me. Very soon I will be uploading a mini-series loosely based on characters and events occurring with my friends in New Orleans. If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, keep your thoughts to yourself you pretentious twats.

Kidding. Sort of. That mostly goes to trolls and, well, pretentious twats.

But if you do have some criticism I will not be opposed to it. I am by no means the world’s greatest writer. My mom is.


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