Guess What? (No, Not Chicken Butt)

Listen y’all, I just got back from New Orleans last night after spending five beautiful days there. As many of you already know from a previous blog I wrote last year, I have an irrevocable love for the city of New Orleans. Last year I revisited the sparkling city for a friend’s 21st birthday, and this year I went again-albeit a little more spontaneously decided than last year’s trip. Two members from our usual crew were unable to come along this time, but I was thankfully blessed with the freedom from work to hightail it down to the best place I know with at least one good friend (which was actually his idea initially, but we’ll get to that event later).

This time I wrote even more little notes throughout the trip and have many pictures and videos to post. This blog may be a two-parter! I thought I should just keep you all up to date and in anticipation of some of the many adventures I experienced in New Orleans this time.

P.S. In eighteen weeks I will be living there.



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