Too Rude: Time for Me to Wisen Up

This is going to be a rant post. You’ve been warned.

Things you shouldn’t do when making plans with close friends you’ve known for a long time:

  1. Constantly giving us last minute cancellations on plans we all have been making for weeks, sometimes months in advance while continuously talking about these plans throughout is absolute swill. Nothing less, nothing more, just swill.
  2. A last minute cancellation to go hang out with another friend or group of friends with which you didn’t make difinitive plans is not at all a good reason for your sudden cancellation. If your mother fell down the stairs, or you broke your leg, or are spewing from both ends and therefore cannot leave your porcelain throne then you have a good reason. And if you have indeed made plans with these other people, then is it not courteous to say you already have plans instead of making plans to which you will not commit with us?
  3. Not telling friends with which plans are made that you’re not going. Oh yes. Instead, one of us have to keep asking to make sure, pinpointing the exact time and location and date of said plans. Then, she will slip up, weakly stating “was it not this day rather than this day?” It’s a shoddy ability to lie each time since we are all primarily fond of texting and messaging each other dates and times. Often. Sometimes daily. If you can read then you know when and where we were all supposed to meet. We truly make our plans watertight yet this droplet manages to trickle out through a slit she hacked open, attempting to convince us that the slit was already there.
  4. When multiple friends, including ones who hardly ever speak up, have deep discussions with you about how rude it is to do what you do (the cancellations for other people, the lying that’s not even very good) and you still keep doing it… It isn’t even entirely your fault anymore.

This has been going on since fall of last year. We have had discussions with her about it, big ones. I think it’s time we stop expecting so much from someone who used to be a little more considerate and a lot more honest. It’s time for us to wisen up and realize that she’s not going to change any time soon. She has other friends that she has obviously proven time and time again she likes the company of much more. Time for us to stop attempting to make plans with someone who has no intention of keeping them. I’m hardly even mad about it lately, just sorely disappointed.

Well, we will give you what you want. Enjoy the solid, continuous company of your other friends. We are not your plan B. We are not your backup like a little morning-after pill when your condom breaks. When your plans fall through and you’re feeling lonely we simply won’t be there to give you a “second-rate” time. Maybe in return you will wisen up.

But I sure as hell am not waiting around to rely on that outcome.


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