Camping with My Wolfy and Friends

20150718_120111 20150718_120508 20150718_120122

We spent some time walking on waterfalls and skipping over creek-slippery stones. Ghost, my baby girl, and I enjoyed the coolness on our feet and discovered that some nice pictures were bon of these moments.

Just look at those pup-toes! I love my baby’s pup-toesies. Being the wolfyish girl that she is, every chance she could get her paws in some ice cold spring water she took with vigor! Although later on the long hike would take its toll on her she was able to rest in an icy creek.

This was a much needed trip to cut through all the recent changes. Camping and outdoor activities have a funny way of normalizing things and leveling everyone off in myour experience. For some reason it makes difficult challenges so less frightening and minimizes problems. I’m thankful for it.


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