The Unofficial List of Awkard Complications When Rooming with Your Ex (Who You’re Still Friends with)

Long ass title, I know.

1. Deciding new sleeping arrangements. This is especially complicated when you’re also moving a third person into your rent house. There’s so much re-working that it’s difficult to go through when you’re reminded of why it’s happening, but it’s also exciting to redecorate your own private spaces… Although it may just be minor perk to the overall situation, at least it gives you something to focus on.

2. Muscle memory mouths. Little “babes” and “cutes” slipping out all over the place. Thankfully I call everyone “honey,” “sweety,” and my personal favorite, “love” so no awkward moment there. Guess it’s time to appropriate “babe” to everyone too.

3. When in the car next to each other and one of us forgets ourselves by slipping a hand over for some car-handholding. Only after a few seconds of the other person’s hand not interacting with our own do we realize, “Oh. Right.”

4. Post-Break-Up Sun Syndrome. When you find your ex to be the most attractive person you have ever laid eyes on, even better than your favorite actor, you have to apply the principle of the sun to them: never look directly at them, especially not for too long.

5. When one leaves the house and says goodbye, and the other routinely responds with, “Love you be safe!” It’s not that we don’t say this to our other friends and family, but that it was far more sincere and felt more deeply. Every time it’s an immediate reminder of everything we had between us that we now have to avoid.

6. Your friends constantly making jokes about being children in the middle of a divorce and asking who gets what custody of whom and when.

7. Never ever ever ever EVER sure how to respond to parents’ questions and concerns regarding your breakup but still living together. I’m terrified of telling my parents for the very reason that I will be questioningly lectured. Also awaiting the dreaded question, “A-are you still sleeping with each other?”

No… No we are not. See number 4 as to how we handle that.

8. Going out to eat. If we’re going out to eat with friends, he has a hard time remembering not to sneakily pay for my food and vise-versa without meaning to come off as date-ish. When going alone we have this problem plus the issue of, “oh my god does this look like a date? Are people thinking we’re on a date? Aaaaaahhhhh!” Also I initially forget to actually pull my wallet out nearly every time it’s time to pay. Habits, yo.

It’s certainly not totally uncomfortable or awkward, but there are a few things we need to get adjusted to. I know we’ll be ok and most of these minor issues are actually quite humorous to us. I think despite our circumstances, we are both quite blessed to be such good friends and to be working through this miles better than most couples we’ve ever seen. Hopefully I haven’t spoken too soon!

What were your awkward complications when living with an ex, or still being friends with them? How did you get through it, good or bad?


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