Mental Bloggers Network

Lately it seems as though I have come into a sort of specific community within the WordPress blogging world. My more popular blogs have been about my bipolar; even simply mentioning it has swung more attention than most things I ramble on about. Because of this, I have attracted many other bloggers whose main theme focuses on their mental disorders or psychological struggles as well. Maybe it’s just me but it seems suffice to say that blogging is one of the few self-treated therapies we can rely on within ourselves… Which is a difficult concept for many of us since our disorders tend to insist self-reliance is faulty. So it makes sense to find a large base of writers bursting to speak out about all their internal turmoil.

I appreciate all the people who have been doing this longer than I have following my blog and sort of inviting me into this accidental community. This is a new kind of support that’s incredible to witness and further incredible to be a part of it. Reading about each other’s struggles and improvements is a beautiful way to connect, evaluate our own progress, and share ideas as well as simply giving insight into forms of disorders we could never experience singularly.

Thanks for finding me, and I’m glad to have found you. Thanks for opening up and in turn helping me to open up more. I can’t wait to discover just how expansive this community of mental bloggers truly is.


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