Mmm Hello, Tuesday

Yes indeedy, I’m enjoying this lovely Tuesday! I know it’s in the middle of the week, but what with a second-yes second-camping trip starting this Saturday it’s nice to stop and smell the normal routine. I do love camping so much, I love the outdoors and the woodland life, and I struggle to enjoy too much monotony in regular daily life. But as a new part of my therapy in managing my bipolar shifts and behavior is to find some comfort and happiness in where I am in life right now. It’s not settling for what I have by any means, however, neither am I focusing so much on my future that I’m missing it’s beginning every monent.

I’m basically continuing on that magical, mystical hunt on which most bipolars spend their lives managing; the hunt for moderation.

You know what? I have been pretty dang successful! I’ve been more than happy with my current lifestyle. I’m only 22 (my birthday was last week) and I have made myself honestly realize that where I am in life is incredible and perfectly normal. I just graduated college with a four year degree, I am working as an assistant art teacher, I have a decent rent house in a beautiful neighborhood with a fantastic yard, good friends, a fiance with a decent paying job and managers who love him, and the ability to do a lot of crazy things I like. At this age it’s totally normal for me to go out and enjoy silly things like night clubs, bars, week-long camping trips, hiking, netflix binges all night, bonfires, day trips to the river, and researching my options for further education. I may not always be able to so easily plan out an entire week of camping with all of my friends like this again. Hell my love and I are preparing to move this year to another state, so in the future it will be difficult enough just to get everyone in the same state!

My point is I see how it’s necessary to get my fill of this life right now so I can happily move on to a new level of life that is ever-changing. I never want to feel as though I was disatisfied with any portion of my life, especially if it was because of my own actions being blinded to what my options were. I’m not a big believer of regrets, but I do know about potentially not being satisfied with life, and that is not happiness. I want to be happy. I need to be happy. And overall, I am pretty happy.

And soon I will be happy camping, but right now I am happy with my new and bigger yoga ball, finished with laundry, and drinking Sri Lanka green tea on this lovely hto afternoon.


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