“So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done.”

For those of you who are movie enthusiasts like myself, you will recognize this quote. It’s from one of my favorite films, the original Ten Commandments, produced and fabulously directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

Ever since I first saw this movie as a young child, I absolutely loved Yul Brynner’s Rameses and his excellently delivered lines. Thus, this one is probably my favorite quotes from his role in the movie. This is the line that comes to my mind now that my graduation has passed and I do indeed have a degree in Child Care/Development and Psychology. Oh happy day.

Today I will finally be uploading the rest of my blogs which I had written weeks and months ago but never got around to typing up here. Today also marks my first day learning advanced professional culinary arts (this ain’t text book, this is hands-on in-the-kitchen). Of course I love cooking, and I have taken a few classes regarding basic cooking skills, food safety, and nutritional meals, but now I will be apprenticing once per week with a remarkably¬†talented and skilled chef. He was actually a city-wide renowned chef in Memphis, head chef of a famous and long-lived Japanese hibachi and sushi bar. He also has won many Memphis cooking competitions. Least to say, I am uber excited to begin learning from such a great cook.

I have also spent my first week studying basic phytochemistry and how to properly utilize all of the medicinal properties of plants native to America. I have learned so much already and I look forward to beginning my own solar dandelion oil infusion.

Lastly, I have spent this past week rewriting my second novel series for the third time. I will be done with it in approximately 3-4 months, will be editing and revising it with colleagues, then will be promptly sending the manuscripts off to as many publishers as I can afford. Although I would not doubt that I could email these things nowadays… I will have to look into that.

Well, be prepared to have your feed taken over by my posts!


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