Oh God It’s Really Happening (John Bender and I Sharing Similar Expressions ATM)


Holy piss biscuits… It really is finally happening. I’m graduating in 5 days. I AM GRADUATING IN FIVE DAYS.

I really thought I would totally flop out. Of course, I could fail my one final, but even then I think I would still pass that class with a C.

I’m done with this school once and for all, but I still crave to learn more. I so desperately wish to go for my Masters in Psychology… And to become licensed in Massage Therapy… And to work my way up the cooking ladder until I’m a chef… And to go into Art Therapy… And to get a degree in Environmental Studies and further my education in Animal Behavior to become a wildlife officer… And to of course get my written works published.

Yeah no seriously, I want to do ALL of that. I don’t want to choose only one, I want to do it all. I have wanted to do stuff like this my whole life, never truly settling on one career over the other. I love it, I want it. Each of these are all parts of me screaming to become better and better. I may not have the money to do anything like this in the end, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

For instance: I will be spending a great portion of this summer and fall as an apprentice to an incredible chef. As long as I’m diligent, I can learn so much from him without having to spend thousands of dollars on culinary school. Of course though, improving cooking skills without going to school for it is so much easier and more feasible than, say, becoming a licensed psychologist. But a start is a start. For that matter, I have set a schedule for this summer to re-edit one of my book series and send them out to publishers.

Also, very shortly after graduation you will all be hit with a storm of blogs long-since needing to be posted. They are all hand-written so it’s not like I haven’t been blogging… I just haven’t been publishing them where you can read them.

Unless you have magical powers. If you do, why the fuck are you wasting such gifts on reading my tripe?


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