My Last College Spring Break in Pictures

A lot happened this spring break, the vast majority good. Well, looking back on it, all of it was good because all’s well that ends well. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with friends and family, and I have seen much joy and goodness set deep roots in those around me. A spring break for spring growth, for new life to flourish.

Usually I support words over pictures, but this time I will step aside to relish in and reflect upon my week, my present, and my future in peace. In the meantime, may you all get some semblence of the sheer happiness I experienced this week through these pictures. Enjoy.

poppop spring break 2015 chalk chalk 2 seb, brenski, and Ghost dreamcatcher trinket store bust bust 2 bust 3 seb's chracater New Mug

P. S. I still have much more to tell you all involving my graduation, moving, a new job, and much more. So stay tuned!

Also, I know I am vastly behind on my art-per-days, but I promise I will have much art to post because I worked on quite a few things over this past week.

Until next time!


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